Joshua Winn

Owner/ Mechanic

Hello my name's Joshua,

I have been working on cars for the better part of my life. I started working on cars when I was a child, with my father and grandfather, and am now a father myself. With the training from my father, and his, I have continued to teach myself and have become quite the auto mechanic. I started my own mobile auto repair company this year after deciding that I wanted to create something that my children could take over someday.

I am a family man, and take the characteristics that make a great father into my business to make a great company. I strive for honor and honesty. I believe that a hards days work is to be done right, and rewarded appropriately. I work hard so my fmaily can play hard. I will dedicate myself to fixing your car so your family can play hard too.

I can diagnose and reapir all makes, models and years of cars, trucks and vans. I have worked on select ATVs, motorhomes and trailors. If it has a motor i am interested, message me and I will see if it something I can help with. I don't do body work or rebuild transmissions.

Everyone I have done auto repairs for has had a great experience and was more than satisfied with my work. My knowledge and efficiency have shown through in every job I have completed. I take great pride in the work I do and believe in honesty. When speaking to customers, I will take the time to explain the why's and how's of their car problems, give them all their choices for the resolution of the problem and provide guidance on prioritization; based on both mechanical and financial need. I welcome the customer to watch my work and often offer to teach them how to do it, in an effort to help them with future repairs. I believe in doing the job right the first time and guarantee my work for 60 days to make sure I do every job to that standard.

I do all repairs for my clients at the most convenient location for them, I will come to you wherever your car needs me. I do not mark-up the prices of the parts which offers the customer another financial advantage over in house automotive shops. I receive a business discount at select auto parts stores, which I pass directly onto the customer, as yet another way I intend to offer the best work at the best price in the Portland area.

Please let my family help yours in a time of automotive need.